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About Us

First of all, what IS falafel?

Although the origin of Falafel is widely disputed; it's agreed upon that it originated during the time of Pharaoh's in ancient Egypt. Many scholars believe that due to the dietary restrictions and the conditions of Israel's captivity during that time, the Jewish Nation incepted the now famous dish while working under Egyptian rule. 

Fast forward almost three thousand years and Falafel has become a staple in many Middle Eastern countries as well as growing in popularity with individuals who have restricted diets, like Vegans, or those affected by Celiac. 

"Best falafel I've ever had"

Angie M.

"By far my favorite restaurant"

Christian S.

Our Story

On January 5th, 2017 an aspiring Jewish cook and an Italian Chef locked eyes in Midtown New York City after each biting into the Big Apple's so called "finest Pita Sandwich."


From across the restaurant, they mutually exchanged a grimace and moments later started a conversation that would change not only change New York's mind about what falafel was, but both of their lives as well.

Shlomi, an Israeli, had started experimenting with Gluten Free food after his non-verbal brother, who was diagnosed with autism, had begun speaking for the first time in his life.

Joseph, a classically trained chef, had a passion for Middle Eastern Food and was on the hunt to bring a quality option to the table. 

Turns out, they live right next to each other and had each been thinking of opening a Gluten Free Restaurant. Fast forward 5 years and Falafalafa has sold over 1.9 metric tons of Gluten Free Falafel and has become a staple in the big city's' food community.


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